Our Services

Our service begins as soon as you contact us and from then on we can provide complete cover for your arrangements.
We will arrange a home visit to take details of your wishes, and always try to have personal contact in the comfort of your own surroundings. If you would prefer to visit us at our offices we can provide privacy for our meetings.

The Funeral

Whether your loved one died at home or in hospital,we can advise you on removal details.

Our private chapel of rest is available and visits can be arranged as often as required. Traditional Church services or life celebrations, religious or non-religious, burial or cremation are organised on your behalf.

We advise on registration and all forms required, as well as press announcements and all necessary notifications.

Coffin Range

We provide traditional coffins, dressed and lined to your satisfaction.

If you have a personal requirement such as an eco coffin or solid oak casket, or even a specific request, we can advise and arrange this on your behalf.

In the case of cremation we also offer urns following the service, and can arrange internment or scattering as desired.


We offer advice on memorial stones and notices that are available to you and have examples and brochures to help you with your decision.

Generally we advise a rest period following the funeral to gather your thoughts and we contact you at a later date as discussed.


Each funeral is a personal experience and we can advise you drawing on our professional training, however any personal touches and wishes are gladly welcomed.

We do our utmost to provide care and attention at all stages of the process.


The funeral payment is divided into two parts - our services and disbursements. Our services include all arrangements and telephone calls made, removal and care of the deceased, use of the chapel of rest, hearse and driver, underbearers, follow up care and personal attention available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Disbursements are any payments on your behalf before and after the funeral, for example doctors fees, church and crematorium charges, flowers, catering and press notices, any additional cars and drivers or special requirements. We advise fully on these details and a guide to prices can be given during the funeral arrangement meeting. Advice can also be given at this time for any financial help that may be available. Our invoice is detailed and is sent to you after the funeral costs have been finalised.

Floral Tributes & Charitable Donations

We liaise with local florists to fulfil your wishes for Floral tribute of your choice.

We have catalogues with options available, or your own design.

Orders and payments are made for you, together with delivery.

Our team carry and take charge of the flowers for you on the day.

We have a great deal of experience regarding charitable donations relating to the funeral, and Alan or Sally-Ann are happy to help, advise and arrange these for you.

You are fully informed of the progress at all times.


We can advise on  suitable venues for the gathering afterwards, depending on your wishes and location.

We will organise, book and confirm these for you.

Vehicles & Transport

We have a fleet of cars at your disposal. Our Vauxhall Hearse and matching Limousine are of a high standard and are available to you along with drivers and underbearers as required. We also have a people carrier available for follow on family vehicle, and if requested can hire extra limousines on your behalf.

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